Could not use iPhone as hotspot for my Dekunu

I received my Dekunu and set it up. I tried first to add it to my simple wifi hotspot on my iPhone as this will most likely be the wifi connection I will use to sync when traveling to other dz’s. I attempted it 4 times with different names and reboots on both iPhone and Dekunu with no luck.

I then connected the Dekunu to my home wifi which worked first time.

Hey @Wotan, whicj version iphone do you have? I will feed this back, we have not had this problem yet.

Iphone 10 running IOS11.3.

I had the apple special character in my phone name: “” It appeared as a “?” on the Dekunu device.

I removed the special character in my phone / hotspot name and presto… Dekunu now conntected, it’s working!

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