Consolidated 1st weekend feedback

My first full weekend with the device; my observations fwiw:

  1. The firmware update has helped with dropzone locations and stability - thank you
  2. Battery life is poor; I would not have the confidence to rely upon this device as my only altimeter; I’m looking forward to the resolution the team are working on (thank you in advance!)
  3. The bumper cases (x2) are very disappointing - loose around the top/bottom edges, the power button does not line-up well, I cannot charge through the case and the reset button is inaccessible
  4. The power button keeps on coming out on one edge, I presume as a consequence of having to take the device in and out of the case to charge it
  5. It works well as an altimeter
  6. During the climb I struggle to see any point in continuing to display the heading of aircraft takeoff - it seems like a totally irrelevant statistic - whereas replacing this with the bearing to the centre of the landing zone would be far more useful
  7. Speed statistics post-jump seem spurious (fingers crossed the next update will improve the algorithms/ability to isolate noise in the data)
  8. I wish the logbook could start from my existing jump number, not starting from 0 at the point of last firmware update (which doesn’t make life easy for filling out my paper logbook)

My overall impression is that this has the potential to be a fantastic tool - the hardware is there and the device is collecting a lot of useful data - and a resolution of 1) battery issues, 2) sub-standard bumper cases, 3) processing of data and 4) information displayed, will make this the pick of the pack.

Thank you team. Please keep up the great work.


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Hi James, thanks for the honest feedback, everything on the Community Forum is taken on board, user feature requests and suggestions for improvement have already been added to the development roadmap (a redesigned bumper is coming too!) and some of them have already been implemented.
Fingers crossed, if all goes well with testing, the new firmware update will be rolled out soon.