Cloud Values aren't the same as on Dekunu

Hi there,

jumping the Dekunu since a few days and kind of like it so far. I know it’s a discontinued device. So in case there is no support anymore - then it’s sadly just like this…

Anyhow. Just checked my Cloud Stats from last weekend and was quite astonished seeing one exit hight marked with 3860 meters. First I thought - WOW - our pilot really pushed our old C182 today. Normally we hardly get more than 3500 meters. Then I checked the Log inside the Dekunu again and it said 3700 meters. Which I actually remember is right (Pilot pushed a little ;-)) since I am also jumping with an analog altimeter. (Dekunu so far didn’t gain all my trust)…

To make the story short. I really think the log data inside of the Dekunu is alright. But when it’s getting singed to the cloud there is some mathematical error - or misalignment - of a few %… I tried to figure our a pattern. Generally all values seem to show higher values in the cloud. f.e. 3s more freefall, 152 meters higher exit, 222m longer horizontal distance etc.

Question is? Can I do something about it? Any value I need to set to get numbers right?

Attached some picture from random jumps the last week!

Thanks a lot!

P.S: This 4200m jump was another plane…

Wait, what, discontinued?! Did I miss an announcement? Where did you hear/see that?
(I’ve also noticed the differences in cloud/device data, so interested to see if you get an official answer.)

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To clarify - some shops mark the Dekunu as discontinued - since you can’t buy it anymore… Doesn’t mean it’s all dead already. Just recently I got some nice support from Dekunu via email. (Thx Tracy)

I got my Dekunu from a friend - like it a lot - but this misalignments in the logbook would be a reason to think about something else. The whole reason having a GPS based altimeter is the logging. And for this it should be correct. Just ordered an X2. Will compare them and post on my blog @freiheitenwelt
I hope both companies find their way and everybody can choose the best device for its personal use. In my case - I want correct data for future analysis of my jumps…



Did anything change…? Yesterday I jumped again at the Dropzone with the 4200m (Cloud Value)… Second picture last post.

Altitude was exactly at 4000m… Funny thing: This time the (Cloud Value) is smaller. Before all values have been bigger than inside Dekunus Log.

This time it was once -15Meter off - and another one like -40Meter. I don’t mind 15…

Interessting fact: Had a AON X2 for testing with me as well. Offset exit -90m. ?!?