Cloud Values aren't the same as on Dekunu

Hi there,

jumping the Dekunu since a few days and kind of like it so far. I know it’s a discontinued device. So in case there is no support anymore - then it’s sadly just like this…

Anyhow. Just checked my Cloud Stats from last weekend and was quite astonished seeing one exit hight marked with 3860 meters. First I thought - WOW - our pilot really pushed our old C182 today. Normally we hardly get more than 3500 meters. Then I checked the Log inside the Dekunu again and it said 3700 meters. Which I actually remember is right (Pilot pushed a little ;-)) since I am also jumping with an analog altimeter. (Dekunu so far didn’t gain all my trust)…

To make the story short. I really think the log data inside of the Dekunu is alright. But when it’s getting singed to the cloud there is some mathematical error - or misalignment - of a few %… I tried to figure our a pattern. Generally all values seem to show higher values in the cloud. f.e. 3s more freefall, 152 meters higher exit, 222m longer horizontal distance etc.

Question is? Can I do something about it? Any value I need to set to get numbers right?

Attached some picture from random jumps the last week!

Thanks a lot!

P.S: This 4200m jump was another plane…

Wait, what, discontinued?! Did I miss an announcement? Where did you hear/see that?
(I’ve also noticed the differences in cloud/device data, so interested to see if you get an official answer.)

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To clarify - some shops mark the Dekunu as discontinued - since you can’t buy it anymore… Doesn’t mean it’s all dead already. Just recently I got some nice support from Dekunu via email. (Thx Tracy)

I got my Dekunu from a friend - like it a lot - but this misalignments in the logbook would be a reason to think about something else. The whole reason having a GPS based altimeter is the logging. And for this it should be correct. Just ordered an X2. Will compare them and post on my blog @freiheitenwelt
I hope both companies find their way and everybody can choose the best device for its personal use. In my case - I want correct data for future analysis of my jumps…



Did anything change…? Yesterday I jumped again at the Dropzone with the 4200m (Cloud Value)… Second picture last post.

Altitude was exactly at 4000m… Funny thing: This time the (Cloud Value) is smaller. Before all values have been bigger than inside Dekunus Log.

This time it was once -15Meter off - and another one like -40Meter. I don’t mind 15…

Interessting fact: Had a AON X2 for testing with me as well. Offset exit -90m. ?!?

Hey guys, just to clarify support is still available by emailing
As you are all likely aware Dekunu are currently still operating but at a significantly reduced capacity. The raw data captured by your Dekunu One is 100% accurate, if there are discrepancies in your Cloud reporting this is after being processed through a number of algorithms that are still in beta. Obviously development is ‘on-hold’ at the moment but you can export the raw data files in a number of formats in the meantime.
When making comparisons between devices or pilots apparatus keep in mind that there will always be some discrepancies, each device has its own components that function differently based on a number of factors.

It is also important to note for anyone reading this that your Dekunu One will display accurate readings throughout your jump, this thread is regarding post-jump processing of data :slight_smile: