Cloud portal vs device vs other sensor jump analysis

The analysis in the cloud portal has wrongly identified freefall and canopy time.
The device states 1m21s freefall and 3m35s canopy, the cloud 2s freefall and 4m45s canopy, my l&b altitrack has recorded 57s freefall 3m20s canopy.
Do you need any log files or sensor data from my other sensors (altitrack and two protracks) for debugging?

Hi Cyrus100,

Whatever logs you have would be useful, we’re always looking to refine our algorithms. The thing to remember is that we process your logs on the server to generate those metrics. This process can be refined and re-run on the data so, as new refinements are added, those will/can be reflected in your existing logs.

Just for the sake of clarity, if you upload logs, we may not be able to get to refinements specifically around your use case but, we are actively working on refinements to these calculations (a big reason why many of our prototypes were only collecting data!).

Thanks again for your feedback!


aaaaand go…

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