๐Ÿ”” Cloud Portal - New Features/Fixes (2020-11-19)

Hey guys, as some of you are aware we have been busy reprocessing actions through a new algorithm, this is still ongoing but already we have seen some major improvements to jump stats :raised_hands: there are a few small changes to the portal worth noting in the recent updateโ€ฆ lots more to come over the next few months. Happy nerding :nerd_face:

Cloud Portal - New Features/Fixes (2020-11-19)

New Features

  • New Feedback Form
    • Feed directly back to the development team if you notice any issues/bugs within the Cloud, info here
  • Filter your actions by jump type
    • View actions in My Profile by jump type and location, more info on viewing actions here
  • Dekunu Ambassador Profiles
    • View Dekunu Ambassadors stats, where they are jumping and what events they are attending, more info on how to do this here


  • Major overhaul and reprocessing of all actions through a new algorithm, lots of fixes and refinements to your jump stats
  • Portal security improvements
  • Style, wording, navigation and formatting fixes
  • Equipment double ups on a single action fixed
  • Login page formatting fixed
  • Dashboard map action dropdown filter fixed
  • Distance unit selection not saving in Portal fixed