🔔 Cloud Portal - New Features/Fixes (2020-06-29)

Hey everyone, the change log for recent updates to the Dekunu Cloud portal can be found below, happy reading :nerd_face:

New Features

  • Profile preference updates. Can now set a default action and discipline type.
  • New events system. Ability for dropzones and users to list skydiving events around the world.
  • Notifications system. Alerts for new friend requests, data analysis reports, events, comments etc.
  • Unsubscribe system. Ability to unsub from receiving certain emails.
  • Enhancements to friends search. Can now quickly search across current location and friends of friends, plus recommendations.
  • New signup security enhancements.
  • The Loop enhancements. Filter by load or by day.
  • New login page and data point animations.
  • Added bio and instagram handle to user profiles.
  • Added ability to view friends actions in ‘My Actions’
  • Added seatbelt removal height to dropzones.
  • New DZ dashboard portal. A dashboard for dropzone staff to manage the users and insights from their DZs.
  • Equipment tracking. New system to track all users’ equipment. Even for users with multiple sets of gear. This is combined with device updates for equipment tracking. Maintenance recommendations and insights to come.
  • Migration to new server. More security, better URLs, faster updates, better performance.
  • Monthly user reports. A snapshot of each users previous month emailed to them. Showing interesting insights for their jumping activity.
  • New action charts, chart comparisons
  • 3D viz “smoke mode” to show a small line behind a user rather than the entire path

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for sometimes showing faulty weather info.
  • Fix for signup errors
  • Fix for action calendar inconsistencies

How is data shared with DZs for the dashboard portal? Is this an opt in feature for users?

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@Kitsune The intention behind the DZ portal is to implement more features that will be useful for Dekunu users (like access to DZ wifi without having to input passwords, load calling from manifest, access to safety hazards and DZ information plus heaps more) and to provide dropzones with useful insight into their operations with stats on how long the plane takes to get to height each load etc. We are still building the platform so more info will become available before it becomes active and rolled out for use. :nerd_face:

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VERY EXCITING STUFF! Thanks for the update

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