Cloud Log Discrepancy

There is a difference of about 1500 ft between the altitudes on my altimeter, which are correct, and the ones that are uploaded on the cloud. All of them are consistently about 1500 ft higher. A few other data points such as free fall times seem to be off too.

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@Jackson We are aware of some discrepancies when syncing, could you mark one of the logs for review please? Explain the issue in the notes, no need to flag all of them, I can have them all looked at from one email.

My jumps in the cloud show almost all weird information. If I look at the jumps of yesterday, all exit heights are wrong. Funny thing is:
If I look at the “recent actions” overview the exit heights show different heights than if I press “view” to see the details of the individual jump. Overview 4650 meters vs. 4149 meters in the detail page. Just one example out of all of the jumps.

This is a known issue.

Please check out this post:


Thanks @Bruce, but my point is different. I am not mentioning the difference between the Device and the Cloud, but the difference in the Cloud itself showing data of the same jump on different Cloud pages with different values.

I was referring to this comment:

Is your landing area 1200ft above sea level? I have the same thing, our DZ is 1300ft ASL so all my jumps in the cloud show exits of around 13-14000ft for a 12k jump and around 16500 for a 15K

BR, Bruce

This is alo a known issue. Don’t know the topic anymore, but I’m sure it was mentioned before. Also at my logbook the overview page has other value’s than the detailed pages.

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This is the one I was mentioning, thanks @stirre