Cloud Dashboard Filter

Wasn’t sure if this should be in the feature request or here, but can we get a filter for the cloud portal dashboard map? Personally I’d rather just see the jumps from the last week or two, but definitely not 25 jumps. It just garbles up the screen and makes it difficult to find the recent jump I’m looking for.

Also, can we get the jump # to match on the cloud with what is on the physical Dekunu? We have 3 sets of numbers for each jump, our real jump number, the number the physical Dekunu shows, and then this random number in the cloud portal. The number the cloud uses seems like it should be just behind the scenes and an alias number should be used to match with what we see on the physical Dekunu (which honestly should match our actual jump number).


Thanks @Nailhead will pass all this on to the dev team :facepunch::slightly_smiling_face: