Charging via USB on computer vs. wall 2.5amp charger

Seems that after several trials I can conclude that the device has stopped charging on passive USB from LV charging ports such as PC USB connection. Direct power adapter to wall AC power is the only way I am getting it to charge. I am doing my fourth test and have had my Dekunu plugged into my computer USB port for 6 hours and the meter has not moved from half charged. Once I plug into AC wall outlet with my 2.5 amp charger it will charge right up to 100% metered charge. However, not so sure how reliable metering is at this time and if it is carried on the backlog for any issues.

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I use a 2 amp charger and I came to the same conclusion. The LV USB port aren’t strong enough to charge properly the device. Since I changed the charger I have no longer issues with the battery and it’s quite fast to charge.

Thanks for feeding this back guys, I will let the developers know and see if we can come up with a solution for the next rollout

I am acutally ok with not being able. If it means for a better overall device experience I can go with strictly wall charging. Thanks though! Tom

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It could be the cable. I have some other USB C charging cables and will try. Seems my wall charging also stopped and showed up to the DZ with almost dead alti. A little wiggling and cable positioning charged it up. It is working quite well on all jumps and is loading to cloud regularly. At this point I am not seeing accurate speed data. Times seem pretty accurate for free fall and canopy. Just speed is way off. Can be excessive or on some of my jumps 1 mph in free fall and sometimes 342 mph. Compared to my ProTracker dytter the are off on exit and deployment alti’s. I am thinking the dytter is off and might be due to AGL over a predefined MSL setting therefore not accounting for the offset rise in elevation from where I live and first calibrated it and where I jump. Exit alti’s with the Dekunu seems more accurate when compared to my Visio II alti I wear as well during this calibration and testing phase for me. For instance we jumped at 14,540 ft on the Dekunu which is what we did jump at and the ProTracker stated on same jump we left at 13,800. I have 36 jumps on the Dekunu and have downloaded every KML file and uploaded into a library on Google for G Earth 3D viewing. Pretty cool shit!

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Thanks for the feedback @tharshman I will get the USB cable problem looked into ASAP. I know the speeds are being worked on, I will see if I can get an update. Good to hear the heights are accurate though :ok_hand:

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Yeah the ProTracker audible is off by ~700 feet on exit altitude. However, my audible is accurate when alerting me. I would definitely know if I was pulling 700 feet lower than I should be. And I do enough big way stuff that I know it is accurate that way. Just not in ParaLog software reporting exit altitudes or on the device itself. However, not for this community I will take it up with Protrack II. The Dekunu as an alti is working just fine.

One question is the Dekunu device supposed to charge when powered off? I know it has been asked. Reason is once it dies completely from draining charge it is tough to get going. I often have to monkey with it to get to stay on so it can begin charging. Is there anything in the backlog on that?


@tharshman It is supposed to charge yes, is it just when the device is completely dead that you have dramas? If the device has some battery life will it charge when switched off?

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I had this issue today also.

Plugged in my Dekunu at the wall yesterday evening. The led turned green (charging), this morning my battery life was lower than yesterday evening when I plugged it in. I deconnected it 2 seconds and plugged in again: now it is charging but very, very, very slow: 21% -> 30% after 2,5h charging…

Charging worked on PC the other day and wall charging is fine. Finicky cable I am thinking. Someday the perfect charging cable will be invented. Today it is cable manufacturers conspiracy to get us to buy cables like a revolving door.

I use only the cable provided by dekunu. Yesterday during the day again: I did wall charging at 16%(because I was not able to charge my dekunu fully over the night), I got the green charging led slowly blink. But when I picked my dekunu for the next jump, only 8% battery life left. Tonight it charged 100% with exact the same adapter and cable. It’s just a pity you cannot thrust the charging, so I needed to jump yesterday again with my viso as backup, because dekunu was running very low.

My new Dekunu is also charging very slow. I tested it on a good Powerbank and also on a Wall Adapter.
With an USB-Voltmeter i got the information that it is loading with 14mha that is really really slow.
So it needs aboud 10h from 0% to 100% is someones dekunu charing faster ?

The honourable @mutley figured the answer to this in a post from some time ago

If I am correct in thinking, they are lipo batterys, ( I’m sure @Tracy could correct me if I’m wrong,)
But if they are, they need a very careful charge and discharge regulator and can’t be over charged, run flat or fast charged due to potential damage to the cell.
So this may be why they take Thier time starting to charge and charge slowly, it’ll be the built in system regulating a trickle charge to keep the power cell safe and in good health. <

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