Charging Issue

Ever since the new update does the battery discharge itself automatically?

I never had any issues with it charging prior or charging it then not touching it for a week then showing up to the dz and it being good to go. Now for a second time in a row it happened today I get to the DZ and my dekunu is dead as a doornail. When I know I charged it to 100% prior then turned it off. As the creature of habit I am when I get done jumping for the day go home upload logs then charge it to 100% then turn it off. But, the last two times I went and jumped both times dead. Not sure if this is a simple issue or if this is happening to anyone else. Figured i’d post here and see.

Blue Skies

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Hey @Brad this could be related to firmware, the device will deplete when powered off but not usually to the extent you have described. I would like to grab your system logs the next time it happens if you don’t mind? You can upload them by connecting to wifi then going to Menu > Diagnostics > Upload (only press this once or the logs will attempt to upload multiple times).
Let me know if you upload any logs so I can feed this back to the dev team and have them investigate.


ok will do probably will happen after today. Ill let you know.

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