Charging issue after new update

I’ve noticed since the new update that my battery is not playing ball. Have had it on charge all night and am displaying an explanation mark on the battery icon. if I remove the USB lead the unit powers down and am unable to turn it on although the battery in the diagnostics states its on 86% and charging

Anyone else had this issue and is there a fix?

Hi Ralph,

I have just forwarded this message to the developers to see what they think, I will get back to you.

Can you send me a link to the last available fw before the 3.5.2 update as this worked for me with some issues but still was able to power the unit on. Jumping this weekend and really would like this with me.

Not to worry, I have resolved this issue

Hi @ralphm71 - just confirming you are now no longer experiencing a charging issue?

correct, this was not a software or firmware issue just a loose battery connection.

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great, thanks for the update