Charging issue after firmware update

Excited about the firmware update, but immediately after updating the firmware, I had issues charging up my Dekunu. I would plug it in and it would show that it was charging, however it hovered around +/- 1% of where I plugged it in. I tried this with it both turned on and off. Everything indicated it was charging fine.

Tracy, I used our battery truck again, and afterwards the charging seemed to work fine. Woke up to a 100% charged Dekunu this morning.

Yes, I took experienced charging issues after the firmware update too. My Dekunu used to charge when the device is turned off. But now, it only able to charge when it is turned on.

Have tried 2 times;
1st time, I tried to charged for a few hours (with dekunu turn off). Then unplug from charging cable and turn on device. The battery percentage shows lesser when it was last turned off.
2nd time, I charged it over-night (with device turned off). Next morning, turned it on with charging cable attached. The battery meter shows percentage just up 2-3% from when it was last turn off.

So now, I guess will ned to charge with Dekunu turn on in order to have the battery charging.

Hey guys, thanks for reporting, what you are doing is basically a hard reset, hopefully that will not happen again, let me know if it does.
Advice for both of you, use a good USB cable, not all cables are compatible with the One, if you have one with a Dekunu logo on that will be good to go, also charge at the wall rather than a power bank or other USB port (like computer).
@flyingbear76 if the device charges when on, it should when off, follow the advice above and if the issues continue please email and we will get to the bottom of it for you.