Changeable colours

Hi… next wish…
Your programmers receive work for years…

When I fly wingsuit, I pull higher as solo… at large RW Formations… the same… then I’m solo I pull deeper.

Possibility to change the colour in the display?

  1. possibly change to black numbers at white background,
  2. set different colours at fixpoints, for example:

4000m-1500m green
1500m-1000m yellow
600m-1000m red
Under 600m red flashing


Food for thought, thanks @US522 all fed back to the developers :smile:

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Hi @Tracy,

When I fly in big formations … or tandem jump or jump one to one, the heights of deployment change.

Ability to change the color of the screen?
Possibly change to black numbers on a white background.
Have the possibility to change the colors according to the type of jump.

Thank you


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@Gripthewind thanks all fed back to developers