Can't login... ID on device different from one online

Kind of annoyed that I can’t log into my device. Keeps saying it’s unable to connect to the server. My wifi is working, but I noticed my account online has a different ID that the one stated on my device. Please help…

Did you create your profile online before you got the Dekunu?
I did and they also created an account for me when setting it up before shipping it. So I had to reset the password on the new account and use that. To avoid two accounts with the same conflicting email address I changed the email address on the first account I had created, and then the password reset works for the newer account. And you can email support if you want them to delete the original account.


For the benefit of the community I will post the outcome of this issue here - The device needs to be activated using the user ID assigned to it during initial configuration. Cloud profiles were created for all users (who purchased in Rounds 1,2 & 3) prior to shipping and were assigned to each device. If another profile is active with the same email address this will need to be removed, email who will remove the profile and enable you to reset the password for the account assigned to the device. You can also bypass this as @thomasrw rightly mentioned by changing the email address in one of the profiles if you are able to access it.