Can't add custom landing area -fixed!

I tried today to add custom landing area, but the drop menu for DZ doesn’t work ( neither mobile, nor PC). Any suggestions?
My attempt today was successful!

Hey @Frog do you have Regular Dropzones saved? If not, you need to add these first then the dropdown will show your favourite dropzones so you can set landing areas, there are instructions here if needed

This issue is marked as solved, but it’s not solved. I am trying to add a custom dropzone, and I have the same issue. I put my custom name in, the ‘Dropzone’ dropdown does not work at all (multiple browsers) either before or after finding the dropzone on the map. I submitted the DZ as a recommendation, but no idea how long that will take to get added. There are no DZs in your list that are anywhere near me or the main DZ in East Tenneesee (, thus why I was trying to add it as a custom one (which does not work).

Hi @Dale this thread is about Custom Landing Areas not DZs, your Dropzone recommendation has been added to the portal though. There is no option for creating your own custom DZ :slight_smile:

Ahhh… so a custom landing area -within- an already listed DZ… gotcha. Drats… but thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

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p.s. And a HUGE THANK YOU if you had anything to getting our DZ added to the list!!! (Or to whomever did!!)

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