Canopy mode in free fall

hi another new bug i didn’t find searching on forum
exiting the plane it´s turns to canopy mode as you see in screenshot immediately
and statistics are wrong as well and 3d model no data available

Hi @infratech can you email some details to for this issue please?

Yes sure. Email sent

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I had the same issue on a jump a while back. It cleared up on the next jump

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Hey guys, if anyone else experiences this with the current firmware v4.9.1, please let me know so I can collect some logs and pass to developers. Thanks heaps :slight_smile:

Jumped my brand new Dekunu for the first time yesterday. Did two wingsuit jumps; chopped on the second jump :frowning: Had Dekunu on my arm, zipped in a wing.
The log book data for both jumps does not make any sense - shows 10s of freefall after exiting from 13084ft, deployment at 12,917ft and 5m21s ride on a canopy.

FW: v4.9.1
ESP32FW: v4.0.2
BTLDR: v4.0.3
Res.Pack: v1.1.1

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@Val it would be great to grab a copy of your logs if possible? I will email some instructions if you are able to send them through and we can have the developers take a look for you :smiley:
Check your inbox in 5

I ran into this issue again last weekend. Jumping from 10200ft, showed 9sec free fall and the rest canopy. It was in canopy mode as soon as I left the plane.

New FW is being tested at the moment with an improved freefall detection to get rid of this problem

@SpastikMonkey could you mark the action for review in the Cloud please? If the info is correct in the Cloud - write in the notes what is incorrect in the device logbook - like Joe mentioned there is new firmware coming, it has some MEGA big changes so is being thoroughly tested atm