Canopy Fatality Prevention

It’s a sad fact of our sport that accidents happen and I hear that once again there has been an incident related to canopy flight. I have no knowledge of what happened but I’m sure like all of the community I’m saddened by the news and my thoughts go out to those who know and love those involved.

It struck me as I reflected on this that the dekunu cloud database could, if not now then maybe in the future, be used to analyse the effectiveness of different canopy management strategies. If we could provide contextual data about landing rules and practices at given dropzones it should be possible to their assess their effectiveness, for example the frequency of close approaches or relative closing speeds. This could be a far more impartial and databased approach than the anecdotal reporting we have today and maybe we could identify best practices that eliminate or at least reduce these sad events?

Stay safe everybody and I hope this can spark some ideas for the better of us all.