Cannot login to Dekunu Cloud (Bad Gateway Error)

Upon submitting my username and password, I’m getting a “502 Bad Gateway” error. I have tried different browsers on different devices in addition to clearing my cookies, all with the same result. This has been happening for at least three days now, haven’t tried logging in for a couple months prior. Is this a system wide issue or just me?

Hi, the question isn’t very clear, but it sounds like “just you”.

Are you attempting to reach the cloud dashboard? I’v had that in the long past, when I could reach the login only via a non-standard port, 8081, but I just tested all the ports (80, 443, 8081) and all functioned.

Is this the url you are attempting to reach?:

Hey guys, there have now been a few reports of this issue, the devs are looking into this right now and will hopefully have a fix soon

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You are not the only one seeing this issue. I have been locked out for weeks now. Sounds like they are working on it. Hopefully they will sort it out fairly soon.


This issue is now fixed guys :muscle:, let me know if anyone has any recurring issues.


It seems like I am dealing with the same issue as stated here. ”bad gateway 502”. Any solutions? Thanks!

Hi @Sergiu a 502 error is usually a temporary issue, it could be related to the network you are using or one of the servers, as far as I am aware there are no issues at our end, if you are still having issues connecting please shoot an email to and we can try to figure it out for you :slight_smile:

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You really have to do something to improve the cloud because it is so slow that makes it almost unusable. Not only about speed but a lot of time I can’t open my actions as now because of a 500 error. It should be much faster without having the page reloading after each click. Unfortunately for some missing details using dekunu logbook takes much more time than a real logbook for now. I’m also a developer let me know if I can give a little help on the cloud part.

Hi @didiercapozzi, there was some major work being done on the back end at the time you posted, this is now complete so you should not be encountering any more issues. If you are, please send an email to for immediate assistance :slight_smile: