Calibration / Blue screen?

Just turned my dekunu on to try to let it sync some jumps to the cloud. But screen went blue with this random cross-hair thing, and now I can’t power it off with the power button. When I try to use the reset button, it goes right back to the same screen. What is this? / what does it mean?

I you perform the calibration (touching at the center of each cross) it should reboot to normal. Have you tried?

Okay did that and now getting this message

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Hi @JClaus I’ve just sent you an email about this, should be in your inbox :slight_smile:

Hey Team,

Also had this same issue come up, the device was on charge at home, came home from work and had this crosshair screen. Reset manually and it came ok up though.

Couple more issues but just wanted to add in on this one.


Thanks for letting us know @gemhodges will feed this back to the devs.