Bumper Case Replacements

Is there going to be a bumper case free replacement coming to all users of the from the 1st batch of orders.

Hi Ralph,

If you have an issue with your bumper, shoot an email to orders@dekunu.tech and let us know.


I seem to remember getting a free second bumper offer as sorry for the delay in shipping, I remember cos I had to re measure my wrist, @Tracy please correct me if im wrong :slight_smile:

Loll, you know you are not wrong.

I do wonder if they are going to change the bumperdesign after all the cutted holes in it to be able to recharge it.

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Guys, do not mix up things. Everybody of us did get the email dated February 13th this year where amongst others the following has been offered to us:

“This revolutionary, ground-breaking piece of equipment will be in your hands as soon as possible. As a sign of our commitment to you and to show that delays like this are unacceptable, an extra wrist mount can be added to your order, in an additional colour of your choice. If you would like this, please reply with your order number and bumper colour preference.”

So we should be fair to each other. The ones who did read the mail carefully and then actively placed the order did get a second one. At least I did get one. And if now somebody has an issue with a bumber, no matter if this was the primary or secondary, he or she should give that feedback to the team while using the right communication channel and see if it can be resolved. We should not spread the interpretation here that everybody has a right to receive a second one at this stage.

Sorry, again just my opinion which might be wrong, but this is the way I see it.

Yes, I was supposed to get a free one once I replied to the email as well but it didn’t arrive, good job tho as it would have been a bit of a waste. I’ll ping you an email with the issue but I’m sure you already know what they are as a few have mentioned the issues. If you can sort the issues out and then ship 1 or 2 then that would be great.

I get what your saying and not to bust their balls about it but the apparent reason for the delay was the Bumper cases, if I’m correct in saying but the one I received if not everyone is far from being correct so for the 2nd lot to be wrong this is a bit bad on the R&D department for the bumpers. Surely someone should have tested before shipping as this will be an expense to them that could have been avoided.

I totally agree, as I also have issues with mine. But it is all about communication and expectation. We should communicate issues. but we should not have the expectation, that “by definition” everybody has to receive an extra one.

Forgive me if my wording is not 100% perfect, but I am not a native speaker in English.Anyhow I hope you understand what I try to say. I am also a “customer” here with some expectations, do not get me wring. I just ask for fair play, using the right ways, but not pretending too much. :slight_smile:

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@Robin Correct, though you would only have received an extra wrist mount if you sent an email as Agostino pointed out. @ralphm71 If you did not receive an extra mount after requesting one, this was in error and of course will be rectified. Send an email through and we will check it out for you.

Hi @Tracy

It appears I did respond to your email :slight_smile:

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No worries @Robin I will check it out for you :slight_smile:

@Robin, Thanks for sharing your email address with us. I have added you to some really good (adult) newsletters. Hope it’s okay for you. If you don’t like them, simply unsubscribe.



@Tracy. No worries I’m not kicking off about it as its one of those things I’m sure you’ll get it sorted but id rather wait until you get the remodelled version, I can wait till then.


Lol…I did spot that… at least it’s an image so it won’t get crawled… I’m not impressed with all the emails I’ve been getting from crappy websites anyway…maybe the quality of the links will improve now :wink:


Just throwing it out there: If a case redesign comes up could it have a universal wrist mount? A velcro strap with a finger loop would be pretty cool. Not sure how others prefer to wear theirs but I find it comfortable with my current alti.

Gustibus et coloribus non disput… :wink:

I really prefer the normal wrist mount, so I can wear it under the wrist and higher up the arm. But who nows, they are designing a wingsuit mount right now, so maybe in the future other designs will also be possible. :slight_smile:


Hahahaaaa … Good one! :smiley:

An idea: Given the device is prone to crashing it would be useful if the reset button was accessible through the mount (and the power button fit through its hole!).

Hey Dekunies!

My bumper case has finally started tearing even with me being super careful with it.

What the options / choice to get it replaced before my loose my device mid skydive?

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Mine started too 2 weeks ago unfortunately

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