Bump case split,

Got a split on my case when I went to reser as unit wasn’t showing a jump,
Can’t use the case as where the split is

This is a case you cutted a hole for charging in?

@mutley - oh no! sending you an email to organise a replacement for you

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On a positive note,
I was able to use a bit of gaffatape to hold the case in place to get it up on the big way sun set hop & pop. :+1::metal::ok_hand:


oh hell yes that’s an epic shot @mutley hahahaha love the gaffa tape job. :joy: will have you sorted in no time with a new one

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I just received my new bumper case, and also the new one is miss aligned with the USB charging port and the power button. I thought we got a free new one because the other ones was faulty…?:roll_eyes:

Hi @timmmorell , can you please send a photo to support@dekunu.tech so we can check it out?

Done @Shannon :wink:

That photo dose the jump no justice what so ever, 12 years of jumping and it’s up there in my top 5 jumps ever.

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Another case of the bumper splitting while taking out to charge :frowning:

@samcnz have you sent an email through reporting this? If not could you send one through please?

I was there too. Sooooo lovely

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Hi, no sure to post at the right place but my bump case started to split in a corner too. Nothing too bad for now. So, I wonder if any of the Dekunu team member is going to Vector Festival with a bunch of new bump case? As we have HUGE customs duties (I had to pay a extra 94 euros as I’m living in FRANCE!!!) it could be a good Idea! Thanks!

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That would be a nice idea! I will be on vectorfest too and a charging cable would also be very very welcome.

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Standby… I will see if we have any of the crew headed over

@stirre and @Pierre
It just so happens, Irish is headed over to MC at Vectorfest, I will make sure he has some charging cables with him, if there is anything else you need, shoot me an email orders@dekunu.tech

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Wow, super!!

Maybe: @Evilgenius or @Mario need something too?

My bumper case split this weekend but it was one I’d modified to allow access to the USB port so I blame myself. Is there an improved version of the case being worked on, I might wait a bit before ordering a replacement?!

@Evilgenius Not yet, I will get you a spares pack sent over with Irish, the new USB cable enables charging while the device is in the bumper, I also have replacement power buttons that have already been attached to the front part of the device casing, one of those will be in each pack.

OMG, I remember the last Vector with Irish, this guy is a awesome MC and we did some daily video…my god, I hope internet will forget … Anyway that’s a good news, I will need the new cable and a replacement L Bumper case if it’s possible. Thanks!