Bug : REST API or MQTT is not configured­

help me

my altimeter turns off in full free fall and once on the ground, a blue screen appears, after several attempts to restart, an error message appears

REST API or MQTT is not configured­

I can’t find any solution on the forum apart from a woman who asks to describe to the support who does not answer without giving a solution, someone can help me


This has to do with connecting to the Dekunu Cloud most likely. And while I don’t know why this would happen, here are the things I can think of to try and solve it.

  1. make sure you have a Dekunu Cloud account and have registered your device or however you do that. Been a long time since I have so I don’t recall details.

  2. Make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest firmware. Easiest way is over wireless.

  3. My own device was refusing to charge, turn on, or anything recently, so I took it apart (very easy to do) and disconnected the battery for about 5 minutes, (maybe 10) and then plugged it back in. Device came on with 85% battery when I thought it was dead, and now charges just fine.

I don’t know if ANY of those will fix your issue, but what I do know is that none of them
Will make it worse, and since the case comes apart very easily, and Dekunu doesn’t seem to be offering support, updates, or anything these days, there’s not much else you can do.

If they’d release source code since they have gone MIA, that would be more helpful.

unfortunately, with the error message comes an impossibility to connect to any wifi, I don’t know if I can find another method to connect it