Broken mount

Is there an alternative wrist mount, the rubber started braking last week on mine and this weekend it ripped from side to side. Love the dekunu enough that I got rid of all my Altis and now I can even use my beloved one just because a rubber mount! Anyone can shed some light as to alternatives or what to do to avoid spending $50! Thanks

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Hey @Jetix411 thanks for posting, you may qualify for a replacement mount under warranty depending on when you purchased your One. Get in touch with the place you made your purchase and provide a photo. If you purchased directly through Dekunu, email
You may want to consider opting for a size larger next time, this could be a more comfortable fit and may extend the life of your mount.
A new wrist mount is in development (currently at the prototyping stage) - an email will be sent to all Dekunu users when a final product is available to purchase :slight_smile: