Brightness Questions


I jumped a few days ago on a bright day and I noticed that it was hard to read my altitude. In the system info I saw the screen brightness was at 70%, with no way to increase or decrease it. In 2018 someone posted about this same issue. If the altimeter’s battery life drops too quickly when its brightness is at 100%, I don’t think the solution is to force the brightness down. I would way rather have a bright, readable screen during my jumps than to have a dim screen that allows me to go an extra hour without needing to charge. Maybe set the brightness to 100% when in freefall mode, but program it to go to 70% on the ground. Or give us the control and let us suffer if the battery dies quickly.

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Hey Sam, there was a minor issue with freefall and canopy mode brightness in firmware 6.3.16, it has now been rectified in version 6.3.17 so the brightness will be back to what it should be.


Awesome, good to hear. Thanks!