Brightness control

How can i increase my screen brightness?
I am having problems to read my altitude in free fall in sunny days and don’t find any brightness control to solve it
Thx in advance

This is not a feature at the moment, I have fed it back to the devs for you though. The device hardware is capable so it is possible to implement in a firmware update :slight_smile:

Nice. I’ve bought an anti Glare Screen saver and it’s improve a little the reading.
But it’s a good develop to control your device. In my case i want the brightest on that kind of screen when i freefall.
I hope you are able to develop it asap.


Any updates on this? Have 2 jumps on it, and at 70% brightness, I can barely see it during the morning sun.

Any news in that case?

I have the same problem and during AFF-Jumps it is sometimes really tricky to see the information on the screen.

@Tamagotchi apologies for the late reply - no news as yet but I will prompt for an update and let you know if there are any changes planned

Just got mine , Tried to use it in DUBAI and as is sunny most times, might need Option to increase brightness , cannot read with the glare outside. Hope it makes it soon to the update :frowning:

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Are there any other updates related to the brightness ? I would like to be able to make it brighter as It can get harder to see over sunny days.

Hi Alberto, currently the brightness will be at 70% until freefall and canopy modes begin then it will auto switch to 100%. There are plans to implement user controls for LCD brightness in the future :slight_smile: