Brightness and Free fall Altitude not kicking on until after exit

Lately I have noticed that my Dekunu One has a delay when switching from plane mode To freefall mode after exit. Last weekend I jumped from 14,500 feet and it didn’t switch over until I was at 12,000 feet. Has anyone else seen this small delay?

And how can I adjust the brightness on the screen? I can barely see it during free fall.

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I haven’t noticed any significant delay in the transition to freefall mode myself, i’ll pay close attention on my next jump and see.

Brightness is still firmware controlled, not configurable by the user. We had some screen brightness issues in a previous update a few versions ago, but that issue has since been rectified back to full brightness. Are you running the latest version?


Yes I have the latest firmware update. The last few times that I have jumped, the screen was hard to see due to bright sunlight and the fact that I had a dark tinted visor on my helmet. This was never a problem with past updates.

Here are some photos from my last two jumps. BTW, I was using a GoPro Hero8. As you can see, and the screen is either not visible or barely visible to the camera plus me when jumping in bright sunlight, and in one of the pictures, it’s still showing that the altimeter is in Plane mode at 12,000+ ft when I have exited at 14,500 ft.


@Hazen75 & @joedyson
I have noticed this too and has been reported.
I do believe the development team and test jumpers are in the process of testing an update that should help with this.

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Which problem? The brightness or switching from Plane to Free Fall mode?

I’ve had a few jumps stay in airplane mode all the way to the ground.

Mostly delays between mode changes, the brightness was an issue, but not too bad.
This has all been passed on to the dev team and is being worked on now.

Any news about a solution to the modes and brightness problems?

The test jumpers are hard at work testing what we hope is the next public release right now.
as long as we have no reports of issues coming back it should be very soon indeed.

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I just noticed both of these issues this past weekend. Good to hear it’s already been reported and fixes are in the works.

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