Blank white screen after trying to update

Hey there!

Just plugged in my One to update to the new firmware and was left with a white screen and green charging light. It’s been like this for some time, tried to restart but unable. I’m getting the feeling I’ll have to let it die to try to turn it back on.

Any help or has this happened to anyone else?

Thank you!!

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Any luck yet?

I’ve had issues similar to this twice that were only fixable by replacing the SD card.

@corbinhand So I let it die and put it on the charger, was able to turn it back on normally and upload pending jumps to the cloud. However, like you, once I tried updating it went back to the white screen.

I’m not sure how to replace the SD card and am scared to pry the thing open haha.

Guess I’ll just be leaving it un-updated until a fix is in place.

@NSager sent you an email with some manual update instructions, let me know how you go :slight_smile:
@corbinhand Are you still having dramas after the SD replacement?
Thanks for reporting guys