Best course of action for Firmware updates at this time

I am still riding the 4.1.2 August 13th release firmware. Mine works fine. Though data is not necessarily accurate on post analytic jump data the device works well on device or in the cloud, I am seeing consistent behavoir and other than a descent in a plane on multiple passes puts it into freefall mode and it rebooting during climb to altitude a few times I am reluctant to move forward with any new firmware updates.

What is the concensus? What does Dekunu recommend?

Hi @tharshman - we recommend updating to the latest firmware :slight_smile:

Ok I am updating right now. I had to power down to get it to decompress the package and upgrade. I did do the upgrade wirelessly and did not have to do a manual download of the package and then load into device.

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It went well. Finally getting back in the sky after a month of weekend rainouts here in the northeast US. Been a real challneging season here for weekend jumpers. had like 13 0f 16 weekends weathered out this year. Us Monday -Friday professionals only get that window and this year that window sucked big time. Oh well every jump’s a gift! And I type this as it is raining again today, Saturday, and so no jumping. Tomorrow, Sunday though…A signature day for skydiving!! Finally. Thanks for you assistance. Blue Skies


No worries @tharshman! Boom! Good on ya for doing the update - and happy return to the skies (when the weather clears and you finally get there) haha :wink: