🔔 Cloud Portal - New Features/Fixes 2018-04-16

Our cloud team has been focusing on improving action data calculations and processing procedures over the past couple of weeks however the following noticeable changes have just rolled out to the Cloud Portal:

  • Profile photos! (It was amazing how much this feature was requested :slight_smile: )
  • Plane path map added to bottom of action detail page
  • New action moments calculations preparation. This is for the coming speed calculation fixes

Thanks Dekunu Team !

Cheers @brent

When do you think you will be able to review the cloud data, I have some very questionable data, 37 recorded jumps when only 2 are actual.
Nice to see progress however :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Hi @Robin - i have just manually cleared your duplicate actions. we are working on fixing the duplicate bug automatically which should be ready within a week or so

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Cheers Brent, appreciated :grin:

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Awesome work everyone, very excited to be a part of all this new beginnings of an amazing device!

I do like the profile pic! Except every pic I try, it places them upside down. I tried several…

Uploaded new firmware and all went well.

Thanks John

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Hi @brent
Just had a look on the cloud… the my actions is still showing some non jumps… could you cleanse them too please… anything with a deployment altitude below 1000ft is rubbish…
Much better tho :grin: cheers

I’ve still got a load of duplications sitting on my cloud too,

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@Robin and @mutley
I will have both of your logs tidied up for you :slight_smile:


Your duplicate actions have been cleared


Hi @Sparkspnt - I have rotated your profile picture. Must have been due to the upside down Australian server. I also cleared some of your duplicate actions from your profile


Thanks @brent
Although one of the correct jumps has been taken off by mistake,
Is there any chance if that being put back on or is it too late?
It was one of the flat jumps that’s gone, and was the one that was duplicated 7 times.

Hi @mutley - I have restored action id #11663 for you, hopefully that was it.

Hi @brent, got a couple of interesting things, case has split and also done 5 jumps Today and the unit only logged 3 :cry:
There is a 4th in the cloud but with no date and no 5th pump
Only 3 showing on the device

Can you clear my duplicate jumps as well? :slight_smile:

Sure @Floyd just mark them for review and it will get taken care of :slight_smile:

Thanks for marking them for review @mutley - the techs are looking into it, thanks for your patience (and email sent re replacing your split case)

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Hi Floyd, your duplicates have been cleared :slight_smile:

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