Battery is no good

After the last update to version 7 the battery is worse than before.

I did 3 jump last weekend and the battery went down to about 60%. When turned of the device completely looses the charge in less than 5 days (monday to friday) and i must recharge the night before I jump and if I forget I can’t use it.

I’m really getting frustrated with the battery. In comparison my atlas2 keeps the charge for 2 months. Not that I expect the same, this is a different and more powerful device, but I expect as minimum that if I take it out the box after 5 days it still turns on

@ColOfAbRiX there are battery life improvements in the most recent update so this is odd, could you please try charging your device using a different USB cable and at the wall opposed to a power bank or computer port. If you continue having issues please email