Battery dying while turned off - Again

I loaded 7.0.9 a couple weeks ago. Turned off the unit last weekend after fully charging it. Tried to turn it on today and battery is completely dead.

Can I please get a replacement unit? This is getting ridiculous. I turned it off on August 23rd and it was completely dead today, the 2nd of September. There’s no excuse for the battery completely draining in 9 days. At this point, the battery is pretty trashed from repeated depletions. I’m headed to Iceland tomorrow and need to update the firmware and load new DZs… but I can’t even turn it on now because it’s so dead.

What do I need to do to get a new unit that isn’t broken, like this one has been from day one?

Do you get the little battery outline on the screen at all if plugged in? If you do just leave it charging and it will boot after it hits 10 or 20% charge. If you don’t get that then yeah that is a support thing unfortunately.

Yes, it will boot after I let it charge… but there’s no reason for it to discharge to 0% after only 9 days. Additionally, this has happened repeatedly and fully depleting a battery like that destroys it faster than just about anything else. It’s happened so often the battery is not in good shape at this point.

Hi Josh,
depletion when powered off is normal for the Dekunu One but if you feel it is excessive we will happily inspect your device and test the battery, if you would like to organise this please email and we will create an RMA for you :slight_smile:

You keep saying it’s normal and everyone tells you it’s not and will destroy the battery. Why do you keep insisting that is normal for a device that is off to discharge completely in a few days and that it won’t destroy the battery? Please explain why a device that’s powered off would have a normal depletion rate of 10% per day? That is insane.

Sure, send me an RMA and a shipping label. It needs to be an advanced RMA, though, as I don’t want this unit back since the battery has been fully depleted so many times it’s absolutely trashed. This unit has been like this and I have been informing you of the issue since day 1. Previously you assured everyone with this problem that the new firmware would address it, but it’s made it worse.

Hi @Josh please send an email to to initiate the RMA process. Thanks.