Battery does not charge when depleted

Had this issue this weekend.
Charged it overnight, thinking the unit will be on 100% the next morning.
When arriving at the DZ getting ready with an AFF student, I notice that I can’t power on my device, just seeing a big red battery on 1%. Figured maybe I didn’t connet it well enough last night, and quicky grab my spare (non Dekunu) altimiter.
Back home, making sure the power cable is connected I charge overnight again. Same issue next day: Dekunu is not charged and when poweirng on I just see a big red battery at 1%.
I was of the assuption that you don’t have to power on the unit when you want to charge in of the latest updates?
Now it’s charging as I tried to power on the unit will it’s in the wall charger…

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Hi @grtlns Correct, you have never had to power the device on to charge it, however, where you charge it and what cable you are using can have this kind of effect on the result.

For best results, use a Dekunu branded, fast-charging, micro USB cable if you have one, if you don’t then use a known name branded cable. Some USB cables aren’t so good quality and though it may seem like the unit is charging there may not be enough power being transferred. It is always best to charge at a strong power source too, wall socket is best for sure. Using a powerbank or USB port on a computer can sometimes not be good enough.

Other things that can affect charging are obstructions (dirt or fluff in the USB port) or if you are using an old style silicone mount, this can sometimes prevent the USB from connecting properly if it isn’t a long ‘nose’ cable.

Try these tips and if you continue having issues, send an email to