Battery died again

I turned off and charged my Dekunu two days ago. Got to the DZ this morning and the unit is completely drained. So now, once again, I have no Altimeter because this POS is unreliable.

Can you please fix the $(&-$-# battery issues? Please stop adding or working on features nobody asks for and fix the battery drain.

I had the opposite experience today… thought to myself “shit, I forgot to check my altimeter and it’s been sitting in my cold car for three weeks!”… plugged it in to make sure and it was still at 100%! I’ve had battery issues with mine but the biggest solution/ weirdest solution that Dekunu told me to do was to be sure that I’m charging it with the Dekunu cable or at a very minimum a quality mini USB cable and not some cheap charger, don’t know if that helps you or not, but perform a hard reset and charge with your Dekunu branded cable and test it out a few times this week and see what it’s battery life is like

Battery life isn’t the issue. The issue is that I charged it to 100%, turned it off, unplugged it and put it in my kit, and two days later it’s dead.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen sometimes. It’s always been like this and I’m not the only one.

That said, it’s not a matter of a cable or battery life. It’s a matter of the unit discharging itself while it’s turned off. Not only does this make it dangerous, because now you don’t have an altimeter, but it also damages the battery, further making the device dangerous. A device as important as an altimeter should at least do the basic job is designed for, which includes having a reliable battery, which it does not.


Same thing been happening to me for the last few weeks. I charge battery to 100% and a couple days later I’m turning it back on to find the battery life is less than 30% with no usage.

Like I said at the end, try doing a hard reset on your altimeter, and then do a couple days of testing to see if anything has changed

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All working as normal after your advise. Many thanks :+1:

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No problem, Mike, I love my Dekunu, but we have to remember, as a community of users, these are still very new and the company is working very hard to make improvements to its safety and reliability… all of our bugs and comments are used to make this thing better and better… the Alti-2 probably went through just as much testing and debugging and it isn’t even half the altimeter the Dekunu is!


Love mine too. Thanks for the feedback. Stay safe and happy jumping this season.

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