Battery dead overnight after last update

Turned off my device yesterday with approximately 35% battery left after jumping yesterday, went to turn it on this morning and it was completely dead with the red battery symbol on the screen. Seems excessive to lose 30% battery overnight. It was good until the latest update a week or ago, now it drains more rapidly. I have even gotten into the habit of disabling the wifi when in use and/or turning it completely off between jumping.


Hey @Parachut3Panda 30% does sound excessive, here are some tips on charging your device, try troubleshooting and if the behaviour continues afterwards upload a copy of your device system logs and shoot me an email to investigate for you -

Try the following:

  • Remove the device from the wrist mount/wingsuit mount (only if it is the older silicone version) to charge
  • Charge using the Dekunu branded USB cable (or another well known branded cable)
  • Charge at a strong power source (plugging directly into the wall is the best), computer ports and power banks will not be as efficient
  • Try disabling wifi overnight

If the above tips do not resolve the problem:

  • Try using a different charging cable - this is the most common cause of batteries either not charging or depleting quickly
  • Try plugging into a different power source or different plug - the stronger the better
  • Check the USB port on the device to make sure there are no obstacles (dirt/fluff etc.)

I will try all of the above! Thank you!!!

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