Balloon Jump. No Response From Alti

I read another report or two where the Dekunu did not perform properly in a Hot Air Balloon scenario. This was the situation for me yesterday. I normally wear my viso on my chest mount for wingsuit but I gave that up to fellow jumper who forgot theirs. I also had my audible and I don’t have an issue landing by sight picture anyway. All that being said, my Dekunu didn’t function as an Altimeter at all. Never registered any type of altitude change at all. Not in the balloon, not on the jump, nothing. I just got this thing back from the San Diego repair shop for a “SD Mount Failure”. I treat this thing like a high end device (as much as the sport will allow of course) so it’s always handled with care. Anyone have similar issues or is there some fix I don’t know about? Also, why can’t we set our own LZ when we’re doing these non standard jumps?

I did several balloon jumps… some smart or digital altimeter doesn’t work, cause the climbing speed is to low… it’s like driving up the hill… better you have an analog as spare…

A “force” start option would be super nice to have. Would work in BASE community as well. =)


All of my other digital altis have worked on 10 different balloon jumps. Why would a supposedly advanced digital alti not work? Doesn’t make sense for all this thing is touted to be.

Absolutely! It also seems like that wouldn’t be very hard to write into firmware. Is there some liability in regards to that I wonder? Do other digital altis have that feature?

Hoping to go for a balloon jump on Saturday… Didn’t David Blaine wear a Dekunu for his balloon jump? How did it work for him?

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I would definitely take a back up alti for a balloon jump. I’ve talked to a couple people since I did mine and it seems like the results so far are, at best, 50/50. As far as the David Blaine thing, I can’t find anything online about it. I heard a local Dekunu user tell me last week (in a conversation about my balloon jump) that he heard (read?) that David Blaine also had to use a different or backup altimeter for the exact reason that I mentioned (I haven’t been able to verify this). Also, if you’re not jumping at a DZ, your Dekunu is going to have to be set to the nearest DZ (that was like 75 miles away in my case). There is no way to select a landing area that is not already programmed into Dekunu’s DZ database. Hope your balloon jump is awesome! Let me know if your Dekunu works out for you.

@Roofstomp Correct, he did, it worked great for him. Interested to hear how you went with your balloon jump.
FYI you can jump the Dekunu anywhere without presetting the DZ, just make sure any altitudes offsets are preset if required. We can always add ‘off DZ’ landing areas before or later for you if you let us know, this will correct the post-jump analysis stats. Adding landing areas and innhopps will be made easier in the future :slight_smile:

Alas, I hurt my back a few days before and was unable to make it. Another time!

@Roofstomp Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Hope you are feeling better soon!

I’m wondering, is there any progress on balloon jumping in Dekunu? I plan to jump next weekend. Should I bring a back up altimeter?

There is not a specific Balloon Mode on the device so best to take a backup just incase, you could always put the device into Student Mode too as that will always show the altitude regardless. Interested in hearing how you go and if possible to grab your system logs afterwards so we can add them to the development sprint afterwards :slight_smile:

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Hi there

I finally jumped from balloon today. Dekunu was great. It worked properly even though it was hilly terrain. I uploaded the system logs

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Maybe a Ballon mode, with off dropzone and a changed mapping would be a good idea… if your devs have nothing better to do… :joy::joy::joy: