Bad GPS connection


After a first weekend of jumping (I did 15 jumps these 2 days) I do have an issue with the GPS.

On my first jump with the device. A friend of mine was sitting in the plane exact behind me. During our ride up we compared: he had GPS contact whole the ride (8 sats) and I connected to 0 sats…
The rest of the day I had mostly poor gps signal at the plane with a lot of moments without, but never a complete climb out.

Today I did 8 jumps and about 4 of them happened without connecting to sats: whole the plane ride a lack of information on my device, 0 sats…

On the ground, there is no issue at all connecting to sats - but in the plane (C208), it’s very bad, until nothing.

I had my Dekunu loose gps signal on 2/3 jumps today but pick it up before exit… assume the plane fuselage / wings were causing it…

I had this happen in Otter, right around the wing area. Caravan, closer to the door no problem at all. Also, GPS was more consistent if I am on the left side of the plane with alti towards the window. Otter + right side = no GPS.

Can’t really blame the device for this. If it can’t see sats, you get no connection.

I don’t think it picked signal up before exit here.
On droprun still nothing and I have never seen signal before it went into freefall mode on those jumps. (I was looking because I wanted to know the groundspeed because our plane catched ice during climb)

On the logs I see my trackingpath, so I suppose it picked up signal again in freefall - but now you have a device in plane mode what only shows heigth (I suppose it is height, no altitude) and vertical speed, nothing more.

I had it on different places in the plane. And with working dekunu’s 1 place behind me on the same side. If the difference is on 2 side’s I would understand, but we held our wrist next to eachother to compare a few times, so only a difference of max 20 cm’s between 2 devices… one with minimum 8 sats and the other (mine) with none.

I also had flights with gps contact, on the same place in the plane (but than it changed every few seconds to no contact). So almost 50% of the jumps with bad gps signal in the plane yesterday…for me that seems quite a lot.

If you are over a wing, this can happen. Don’t forget, you are in a tin can, that can block signal. Try getting a good connection on a commercial flight (they are a lot better insulated tho).

I got no sats in otter under the wing. I am sure someone in front or the back of me would have better luck with wings out of the way.