Automatic dropzone selection based on GPS?

Does the One automatically log the dropzone based on your location or do you have to select a different dropzone manually?

I am scatter brained sometimes and I think I would totally forget to switch dropzones manually so if it does it automatically based on GPS location that would be awesome!

Hi @joshp14 - the One will let you know if your current location is far away from your selected dropzone and ask if you would like to change to something closer. We decided to not make it automatic because of inhopps. Also, when your log is synced with the Dekunu Cloud an analysis is performed to override any incorrect location settings.

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To piggyback to this question…

Let’s say I am driving by a dropzone, and thinking “oh let’s get a jump in”

I never added this DZ to my profile. How will it show up in a log?

Your device contains a selection of nearby dropzones based on the last refresh when connected to the internet. If you don’t have the current dropzone on your device and don’t connect to wifi at the dropzone then the device won’t know which DZ you’re at while there. However, when you next connect and your logs are synced, the server will know which DZ you jumped at based on GPS location in the jump logs. It will then update the device log book accordingly

Assuming you could connect the Dekunu to your phone (as a mobile hotspot) and sync up using the data connection on your phone.

Yes, you certainly can do that :slight_smile: