Are they waterproof?

Has anyone used these for waterjumps??

They are not waterproof, I recently found myself submerged in the swoop pond. The unit came back to life and Dekunu customer support is fantastic, they were able to repair it but I still can’t link up to GPS so I am probably going to have to replace it.

Good to know! Thanks for the feedback!!!


you say its lott linking up to GPS?
is this after its been sent away?
have you done much out door testing with it?

Yes, this after I received back from the service center. I have left it outside under open skies for up to two hours in different locations.

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if you sent @Tracy an email I’m sure something she should be able to help for sure.

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I was looking through some other altimeter mounts and there is a hard shell case for an Alti-2 N3/Atlas.

If you took this concept and made it so that you could have two pieces, the bottom mount that you can slip the One into and then have a hinged “lid” that closes over it with a rubber gasket and a very strong clasp like the GoPro case clasps or something to make sure its super tight and not likely to be accidentally un-clasped. That would make it water proof, but still keep it easy enough to take it in and out of the case for charging. Add an outside button thing like the old GoPro waterproof cases that pushes the on/off button, and you’re golden!!

This could work.

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I like this idea, but If I’m correct, the One relies on external barometric pressure change to measure height,
being inside an airtight / water tight seal would prevent any measurable pressure difference reaching the barometer.
this would lead to the device inside having a fixed internal pressure regardless of elevation change and would only read the height that that it was sealed at.

again, I may be wrong, but personally I would avoid sealing it in such a way that it couldn’t measure external pressure difference through altitude change.

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We have made significant progress with waterproofing, still some way off as we are just prototyping now but it is in the works :slight_smile: