API documentation

Could you please provide the documentation for the dekunu cloud API?

This would be very helpful to create some intelligence to import jump incl. profiles from other electronic jumplogs like (Paralog/Jumplog) or even manually created csv files.



Hi Dekunu,
Some of us users are willing to support here, so please don’t ignore our requests for test accounts or technical details such as API documentation.

Of course there may be good reasons not to provide/publish this information, at least be open in your communication about it. Thanks for reading and excuse my public feedback,

Hi @Bruce - my apologies for the delayed response.The plan for the API is to open it publicly… once it is stable, secure and refined enough. At the moment the API is used primarily for device operations (jumplog uploads, weather, profile, status etc). The API structure, flow and features are changing rapidly which is fine when the Dekunu team is able to control the end to end environment. If it was open now we would have to provide comprehensive documentation and then a versioning system allowing for backwards compatibility and also provide support for anyone using it. Our human resources at this stage do not allow for this.

So here’s the rough plan for external integration to the Dekunu infrastructure. Firstly, we will add the ability to add/import logs from other devices/platforms via the Dekunu Cloud. Secondly, we will open a subset of the API to specific developers and allow them to interact with the users Dekunu data. Finally, we will open a full developer API to the world.

I love the fact that the community is keen on a Dekunu API and I am committed to providing one when the time is right. When we start the public API development I will be reaching out to the community for input and opinion.

Thank you again @Bruce


Thanks for the insight @brent. I fully understand the challenges and concerns. We will stand by and are looking forward for the things to come.

BR, Bruce

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