Any New Firmware Updates

Any news on new firmware updates or downloads?


I was wondering the same, been stuck on the same one for a looooong time, probably about a year and a half if I recall correctly. Sadly, it sounds like they may stop making the devices and close the company, which is a bummer because I really like the product. I wonder if they’re just going to stop working on updates and not provide any new features and bug fixes from here on out. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Damn, that would definitely suck if they close the company… I wonder if enough people have working dekunu’s that there would be enough interest to keep the going even if they do close down. Pool together resources and have a copy of the site going thats user funded.

Hi there,

Just got the Dekunu from a friend and really like it.
Aon X2 are available again in certain shops. They also had the same problem with the hardware chips and production. But they got very expensive now. So might be Dekunu finds it’s way back too?!?

Another thought! I don’t know if user numbers are random or if they count up normally. I just registered and I am in the 7000. Skydiving is kind of a niche and generally devices get sold little. Besides you are L&B that are smart enough to offer different devises so most jumpers end up using 2 or 3 of them.

I guess most users would be OK for a paid subscription to keep the cloud running. In this case it‘s maybe the only way to keep the company running. Since everyone holding on his Dekunu and can’t buy any upgraded hardware or second device anyhow. Right now they got like 0 income I guess.

If money is the problem maybe crowd funding could be another thing for further developments :man_shrugging:t3:

Just some thoughts….