Altitude was never displayed during the climb or jump

Dekunu One never displayed the altitude, when the plane was climbing or during the free fall.

The problem happened during my 5th jump. Had no issue with altitude display in previous 4 jumps. During the 5th jump, it continuously showed the default page during lift off and above 450m, it never switched to plane mode. When the plane was climbing, I selected Log Book and SW was stuck in a loop:

  1. Log Book
    Please wait
    Scanning records…

  2. Logbook error
    Failed to read records

After pressing OK in step 2, SW went back to step 1 again. The altitude was never displayed during the jump. I had my analog and acoustic altimeter with me and could finish the jump without any problem, but I expected the altitude display to work.

On the ground, I couldn’t turn it off with the power button. I didn’t know about the reset button so I drained the battery, recharged it again and everything started as usual. The 4th jump was never logged correctly or erased, for some reason. The display worked on the 4th jump. I assume the 4th log file was not finished/completed correctly on the SD card before the 5th jump. Haven’t jumped with it since then. I uploaded the system logs today but the problem occurred during Saturday 2020-10-17. I checked the FW on Friday. Please inform the engineering team!

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Thanks for reporting this and for uploading your logs, all of this information has been passed on to the development team, if any further information is required I will get in touch with you.
Sincere apologies for any inconvenience or frustration on your part.