Altitude offset

Any chance you guys will be adding an altitude offset feature for showjumps or where dz in not the same level as runway.



We sure will be, it’s not on the short term development list but it will definitely be a feature. The concept will either allow a static offset or to be a bit smarter and have a list of known locations and their MASL to automatically calibrate the offset.

I think a static offset would be more useful, especially for landings somewhere in the green… or you have to add 5000 more landing zones…

Or your hire more persons!

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Or have user added landing zones that can be added as needed. So many options

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@US522 nooooo its my favourite task :grin:

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In Norway and Skydive Voss we do a series of “innhopp”’s around during the season. Yesterday at Norway Day we took off from Voss and landed at Finse which is 4009ft amsl, a difference of 3.750ft from Voss.

A “list” of landing places would be too teadious and unmanageable for “innhopp”, since we’re always looking for new places to jump into.

As of now the Device is not suitable for the use in awesome innhops in places like Gudvangen.

I sure hope that altitude offsett will be pushed forward and added in the near future.