Altitude and heading concerns


On Friday I jumped an antonov 2 which meant we had a lot of time to kill and loads of space to roam.
We compared altiā€™s and while the alti readings on all the L&B devices clocked over together like clock work mine was out by a shocking 400ftā€¦ :grimacing:
Mine was also less consistent clocking up altitudeā€¦

My plane heading also differ to the plane garmin device with almost 90 degrees - more than just magnetic vs true north if that was the caseā€¦

Unfortunately I could not take pictures but I will next timeā€¦ These two factors caused alot of concern for me and shaken my confidenceā€¦

On a positive note my distance from the dz was spot on with the plane garmin.

Any ideasā€¦



Hi @gloei - thanks for your post. This is indeed concerning. It sounds like something on your device has become faulty and I recommend you do not jump it until it has been resolved.

For the benefit of the community I will respond here, however I will also email this to you so you can reply in private if you so desire.

To address some of your points and to clarify the discrepancy:

  1. Have you synchronised your log to the cloud? If so, please let me know the action ID. If not, please do so.
  2. Please clarify the following: at around what altitude was the 400ft difference? Was the plane climbing rapidly?
  3. What do you mean by ā€œalso less consistent clocking up altitudeā€
  4. Regarding heading, we implement a magnetic declination based on your selected dropzone to present magnetic north. Was the selected dropzone on your device accurate for where you were jumping?
  5. Did you take note of the altitude in freefall or under canopy and notice anything worth mentioning?


Thanks Brent

I replied to your email.

PS - can I change the altitudes on the cloud. I see all my altitudes as ASL instead of AGLā€¦