Altimeter activation bug during driving

Hi, I have linked a video, that demonstrates wrong behavior in action

What is wrong with that behavior? If you leave it on in the car then it gets altitude differences. Isn’t that what you would expect from an altimeter? I’ve done this before and seen my visio and dekunu both showing altitude gains. So now I just shut them off before I leave the dz :slight_smile:

But my viso never demonstrated continuously increased height during riding flat road

It looked like you were going uphill a bit in the video to me. It’s really hard to tell and it did go down at times. Also as a cyclist, no road is perfectly flat. The false flats can be killers. In short, I would turn it off before going home rather than trying to find weird bugs in use cases not applicable to skydiving. The devs have enough to work on as it is!

I clearly understand that it’s a minor issue and should not affect your current sprint backlog, reported just in case…

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