Alti rebooting in plane and in free fall

So my one has turned off and rebooted several times in the plane on the way to altitude. Today it turned off to reboot while in free fall during a aff jump I was on. Has anyone else had this happen and are you working to fix this bug. This is something that I can’t be having happen while in free fall with a student. Thanks

@Rockow there is a fail safe built into v3.7.2 which forces the device to reboot should there be an issue, it also forces the device to go back to the mode it was in (i.e. return to plane mode etc). We have had a report that the device did not return to the previous mode and it is definitely cause for concern. I assure you we are looking into a solution and treating this with the highest priority. The fix will be in the next update, hopefully very soon. Thanks for feeding this back, I have sent the details to the developers, I will no doubt have news of an update soon, stay posted on the forum for the release.


I’ve had this occur several times on the way to altitude. It usually says something about an SD card error and that it will reboot in the next 3 seconds. So far it has always gone back into plane mode and displayed an accurate altitude and functioned normally after the reboot.

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Mine has done the same thing in the plane on the way up… However, I’ve not noticed it in FreeFall.

Black screen, Green bars (3-4) with black text saying something about a card error and restarting… Figured it was a corrupt section on the memory card and that formatting the card would fix the issue - haven’t got around to doing that yet tho…

I’ve had the same issues with the unit rebooting in the plane several times last weekend.

Hey guys, i’m happy to see the fail-safe is working as intended for you. Testing on new firmware so far seems to have corrected this issue. I am still logging details of anyone experiencing the problem either by marking the log for review or posting here for developers

I had mine reboot while I was climbing out on the camera stepp. Saw it in the corner of my eye and was a bit concerned, but when I looked at it 10-ish second later it was back in alti mode and working as I should.

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I hope this really gets fixed asap.
There are situations where u dont have five or ten seconds to wait for ur alti to work…

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This happened to me today for the first time in plane. Read same error message about sd card. Reset itself and unit went back into alti mode fortunately before exit.

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