Alti changed at 4k

I was on my last load and there was few jumping at 4 grand and after I shut the door the alti thought I’d left the aircraft and changed to freefall mode. if this something normal or something being looked into.

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It’s a known issue at the moment and they are working on it, I think most of us have had it happen when hop & pop’s exit,
I’ve even had it happen at the top when last out,

It’ll show a very long free fall on the alti, but I noticed that it showed a normal jump on my account.

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And important to mention: at any time it shows the right altitude. So, not nice, but save.


I also saw this as the plane was circling above the DZ waiting for a formation load to drop the jumpers. I think its just a tad sensitive on the altitude changes for entering plane mode while on the ground and in the air for going to jump mode.

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The real cool thing is that you can show your friends your free fall time of 10-15 minutes!

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Flying like a unicorn …