Alti broken?

Today while I was waiting for the lift the rubber part of my wristband broke all of a sudden apparently on its own and the alti fell on the ground. It opened and a little square piece came out (I’ll attach pictures asap).

I put the alti back together, except this little piece that looks like a cover and I took it with me to compare with another analog altimeter.

The alti seems to be working, it indicates the correct altitude, I can see the logs with the statistics and it uploaded some jumps (#163185, #163187) but not others (#163186, #163188 and others).

Now I have few questions: how can I make sure the alti is working? Are the statistics corrupt for good? Can I add a jump in my action list when I didn’t have my alti because of this accident?

If it is a little square black piece with kind of rounded corners, it is a cover for the mini (I think) battery on the right hand side of the device near the LED light. They are pretty easy to pop back on when the device is open.

I would hazard a guess and say the statistics could be lost, you could try a hard reset (or boot into usb mode and back out again) and see if that helps with the uploading process.

As far as the cloud goes, I don’t know about adding in your own custom jumps into the actions just yet

I started to think it’s the cover of the beeper.

I’m on a skydiving trip abroad and without the wristband I’m carrying the alti with me in a pocket. Can that affect the data?

I shouldn’t think it would have any effect on data, it might struggle a little bit with pressure differentials / GPS depending on the pocket

@ColOfAbRiX This definitely sounds like the cover for the buzzer, the device will operate just fine without it but let us know if you run into any dramas :slight_smile:

Waiting to jump it again after lockdown… hopefully there won’t be problems.

Hey @ColOfAbRiX If you are concerned please use another alti as backup, we have maintenance stations in the US, UK, Australia & New Zealand. If you would like to send your device to be inspected we can definitely organise that. Shoot an email to if you want to do this :slight_smile:
Enjoy Jumping!! :slight_smile:

I’ll most definitely will. I’ll keep you posted and thanks for the tips!

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Just did 4 jumps today (finally!) all seems good, thank you!