Alarm Came on during freefall

on climb out alti was working fine

once in freefall alti went from being in alti mode to a safety check (check the jump run)

this happened from around 10k-8500ft ish then returned back to alti mode.

have logged this jump for review.

thanks legends


This has happened to me half a dozen times

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@Mippa Thanks for this, without looking at the device system logs I assume you exited the aircraft around the same time as a notification was about to appear and before the device detected freefall, they do go away on their own after about 7-10 seconds and I believe the next firmware update will include a refinement to immediately disable these pop-ups once freefall is detected :ok_hand:

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Legend thanks Tracy :smiley:

Will it include the option to disable these completely? I don’t need or want pop-ups at all. Ever.