After Landing, still in Canopy mode

Hello, got the problem, when i landed the device is still in canopy mode and did not registred that i landed, it took several minutes to finish the jump,

So when i do back to backs, the device is still in the plane and the whole next jump in the canopy mode.

Only if i have 10 minutes on the ground between the jumps the device finish the jump correctly.

I have been having the same issue. Curiously, on days with really nice weather and no wind, my One registers landings almost immediately. When it’s a windy day, every jump takes a few minutes (or sometimes doesn’t) to register. I try to stand in one spot as long as possible, but obviously it can’t be helped if you need to head back into the hangar for stuff…

Me, three! 1st 5 jumps on it I was still “at 20-30 feet and did not land until a few minutes later” the last jump it showed me at 200 feet at touchdown. It recorded a two hour canopy ride, which included the drive home.

Hello, I had the same problem, when I landed the device is still in canopy mode and I have not registered that I landed, it took several minutes to finish the jump,

I get this on every jump with my device.
from one of the DZ’s I jump at I have notices the PLA isnt flat or level,
I can only assume that this is due to a GPS’s inability to distinguish altitude at such a low static level, unlike free-fall while the devices relevant position in 3D space is continuously altering.
While in a static location on the PLA after a jump, the device isn’t moving through measurable variations like free-fall or canopy ride.
this is my thoughts on it, but I may be way off.
I think its like a number of the measurable parameters on the device, once they have been flagged and Panelized , the algorithms for the parameter of measurements can be refined.

looking at the post analysis of each jump on the maps, the device is accurate, and will become more so with the data as long as we flag the errors up as we go.


Thanks for providing the feedback guys, all passed onto the dev team.

Perfect, I had the same problem too!

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i was been under canopy for 9 and more minute

Jup, Same here. Tried my new One for the first time today. It was in Canopy Mode and still „moving“ in different speeds, while actually laying right next to my stuff (which is where I activated it prior to the First jump). This happened on both of my two jumps today.

same here. its 40 meter on screen for a while after landing


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Same here. up to 10 min after landing still in canopy mode. It has also not recognize a hop and pop jimp.

Turning video loads this weekend I had the same issue. It would show the altitude climbing in the plane but be in the canopy mode screen. And the jumps didn’t count as 2 separate jumps.

Hey guys, a fix for this bug is on its way, currently testing the firmware before we roll it out.
This bug is not affecting the integrity of the altimeter during plane/freefall/canopy modes - if you think this is not the case with your device please report to as soon as possible so it can be investigated.
Thanks for feeding back!