After 6 months of leaving the device in a box, you'll never believe what I found!

I turned my device back on after 6 months of it being stored in a box while I went back to using my regular altimeter. However - SUMMER (slightly warmer and sometimes not as wet) may potentially visit the UK this year, and I’d like to be ready.

I’ve updated the device to;
FW - v4.9.1
ESP32FW - v4.0.2
BTLDR - v4.0.3
ResPack - v1.1.0

This time it updated without going into the red screen of death, so I was a lot happier this time around :slight_smile:

I went to the compass utility to check it was activated, and imagine how I felt after seeing it was STILL disabled. When I signed up, I purchased it thinking that it would have a functional compass \ navigation utility and instead when I enquired I was told something along the lines of ‘not yet, we’re working on some issues’.

I’m pretty sure that I was one of the first people back in 2017 to purchase this…

Is there a navigation utility during canopy flight that is now active and able to point you back to the landing area? (Distance and bearing\heading)

@SkydiveNow Welcome back, fingers crossed summer is close for you!
The compass feature is something we have deliberated from day 1 (as you probably know) - there are certain safety implications involved that have to be considered, one of the main reasons that the feature has not been implemented yet is the worry that people will spend too much time staring at their alti and not at the parachutes in the air around them. I am not saying that we won’t implement some sort of compass feature in the future, it is just not at the top of the development priority list at the moment - it most definitely requires a lot of thought and planning… we are, as always, all ears if you have any suggestions.
In Canopy Mode at the moment you can see the altitude, directional heading, glide distance and ground speed :grin:

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Just thinking out loud. What about if you touch the screen in canopy mode an arrow flashes up for one sec pointing to the landing area?


I like where your head’s at @Bip I will feed back your suggestion, thank you :pray: